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CompetentRoofer is the Government-licenced Competent Person Scheme that allows professional roofing contractors to self-certify that their roof refurbishment work complies with Building Regulations within England and Wales. The scheme encompasses all roofing types for domestic, industrial and commercial properties and is open to all roofing contractors to apply.

If 50% or more of your roof needs to be replaced, then under the Building Regulations, your Local Authority needs to be notified a minimum of 48 hours before work commences.  If you don’t then you risk a fine of up to £5,000, plus the cost of putting the work right if it isn’t up to the required standards.

By using a CompetentRoofer member, property owners will save not only time and money but will have the added reassurance that the work carried out meets the exacting standards of the Building Regulations.

  • Regulation – CompetentRoofer members are compliant and up to date with the Building Regulations.
  • Reliability – CompetentRoofer members are professional contractors who are thoroughly audited and inspected prior to acceptance and undergo regular inspections thereafter.
  • Reassurance – A ten year insurance-backed guarantee is included with notification of roof refurbishment works up to a value of £50,000 where the building height is four storeys or less (also available for commercial/industrial works).
  • Green Deal/ECO – CompetentRoofer is a UKAS accredited Certification Body; its members can apply to be audited and inspected against the requirements of PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Code of Practice, allowing them to be registered with the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body and undertake Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) work.
  • Help us Stop Logo Misuse

    If you believe that a company or individual is wrongfully using our logo, then please get in contact. CompetentRoofer take any logo misuse extremely seriously and with your help, we can help prevent others from being misled.
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  • Become a Green Deal / ECO Approved Installer via CompetentRoofer

    CompetentRoofer is a UKAS accredited Certification Body, which means that our members can apply to be audited and inspected against the requirements of PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Code of Practice.
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  • Supported by the Industry

    CompetentRoofer has been the long term aspiration of the Roofing Industry and is fully supported by associations, manufacturers, service providers and merchants. 

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  • Freelance Regional Surveyors Required

    CompetentRoofer Limited is growing and needs to take on more freelance surveyors to handle the increasing workload.  We urgently require surveyors for central Yorkshire, the Midlands and the South West.

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CompetentRoofer has around 450 members who completed around 900 jobs in February and registered another 1200 jobs in March 2015, double for the same period in 2014. The volume of work going through CompetentRoofer has increased dramatically in the past year and this has led to an increase in the number of enquiries of a technical nature, particularly with regard to insulation. Our Technical Manager, Ian Henning, explains.

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What is CompetentRoofer?

What CompetentRoofer is, how it can benefit you and what you need to know about the Building Regulations in relation to roof refurbishment within England and Wales.

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