Become a Green Deal/ECO Approved Installer via CompetentRoofer

CompetentRoofer has been fully audited by UKAS and is an ‘Accredited Body’ under the Green Deal.  

This allows CompetentRoofer to audit its members against the requirements of PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Code of Practice and register members as Green Deal Installers, which will enable them to undertake Green Deal/Energy Company Obligation (ECO) roof insulation work in addition to being able to self-certify that their roofing refurbishment work is compliant with the Building Regulations (in England and Wales).  CompetentRoofer members who are registered as Green Deal Installers will also be able to display the Green Deal Installer tick mark on their vans and promotional materials.

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What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a finance scheme that enables home owners to save money on their energy bills through installation of energy efficiency measures such as roof insulation, at no up-front cost.

Energy bills have risen dramatically in recent years and are predicted to rise further.  By installing energy efficiency measures such as roof insulation, home owners can reduce the amount of energy they use and therefore save money in the long term.  The UK Government estimates that the Green Deal and ECO will create around £14 billion worth of work over the next decade or so.

Independent and impartial advice on Green Deal/ECO is available from the Energy Saving Advice Service by calling on 0300 123 1234 or by visiting

How does it work?

Green Deal Providers can offer home owners a loan to pay for the energy efficiency measures they want installed in their home; they pay back the loan via the savings they make on their energy bills.

  • A Green Deal Assessor visits homeowners and tells them what energy efficiency measures would be suitable for their home and which would help reduce the cost of their energy bills.  The Assessor draws up a plan which can be taken to a Green Deal Provider.
  • A Green Deal Provider reviews the plan and offers the homeowner a loan to pay for the energy efficiency measures to be installed in the home.
  • A Green Deal Installer visits the home, installs the energy efficiency measures, and informs the Provider that the work has been carried out.  The work is registered with the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body.

What is ECO?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is an obligation placed on the big six energy companies to provide energy efficiency measures such as roof insulation to low-income and vulnerable households, including the social housing sector.

Through ECO, the government aims to help 230,000 low-income households or those in low-income areas, with energy suppliers expected to invest £1.3 billion per year.

How do I get involved?

Firstly in order to apply to become a Green Deal approved Installer via CompetentRoofer you need to be approved as a member of CompetentRoofer.  You can register your interest in joining CompetentRoofer by using the form on our Join page.


A robust quality management system compliant with PAS 2030 and the Green Deal Code of Practice is required; if you have this and wish to arrange for one of our surveyors to visit you to carry out the Green Deal Installer audit, then you will need to send us an up-front payment of  £395 ex VAT to cover the cost of the audit/inspection; after we receive this payment one of our surveyors will arrange a visit.


The surveyor will then submit a report for our Technical Manager to review.


If you are approved as a Green Deal Installer then you will receive a certificate of approval from CompetentRoofer and use of the Green Deal approved Installer quality mark.  We will register you with the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body in order for your company to be listed on their website for the measures which you have been approved for.


You would also receive a minimum of one Green Deal inspection per year at a cost of £200 ex VAT; this would be taken by direct debit in addition to your CompetentRoofer membership fee.

Costs* (exclusive of VAT): -

First audit and inspection of compliance with PAS 2030/Green Deal Code of Practice: £395

Annual Green Deal inspection: £200

*Note: - If you are using an online quality management system which our surveyors can access remotely then instead of paying £395 ex VAT for the first audit and inspection you would pay £300 ex VAT, and instead of paying £200 ex VAT for the annual inspection you would pay £150 ex VAT.




Interested in joining CompetentRoofer?

Use the form on our Join page.  You can also call us on 020 7448 3189 or email