What is the Scheme?

CompetentRoofer is a Competent Person Scheme for the self-certification of refurbishment roof work for all roofing disciplines and sectors. The formal definition of the scheme as defined by the Government is as follows:

'The installation, as a replacement of the covering of a pitched or flat roof and work carried out by the registered person as a necessary adjunct to that installation.'

If 50% or more of your roof covering needs to be replaced, and that roof acts as a thermal element, then the work is reportable to the Local Authority Building Control. However you can use one of our members and they can self-certify that their roof refurbishment work complies with the Building Regulations in England and Wales.

The scope of the scheme as outlined below applies when 50% or more of a roof is being replaced.

What the Scheme covers:

  • Repair of the roof structure e.g. replacement of rotten joists or rafters on a like-for-like basis (but work on trussed rafters is not allowed)
  • The insertion of insulation
  • The provision of battens and counter battens
  • The provision of sheeting or boarding on pitched roofs
  • The provision of decking on flat roofs – this includes structural steel decking on industrial/commercial buildings
  • Flashing, guttering, re-pointing, eaves, and verge work.
  • Provision of roof lights – provided they are only inserted between rafters/joists where existing structure is NOT altered

What the Scheme doesn't cover:

  • Any structural glazed roofs e.g. atriums.
  • Any solar or PV installation.
  • Any work that involves structural alterations or which significantly increases or decreases the load on the roof structure.
  • Any work which does not involve replacement of 50% or more of the roof covering.
  • New build – only refurbishment of an existing roof is allowed

Notification of roofing work involving any of the above cannot be made via CompetentRoofer and must instead be made via the Building Control department of the relevant Local Authority. 

Competent Person Scheme Information:

Competent Person Scheme Information leaflet